PattyPatty Pop Ons® is a product dedicated to the creation of sustainable jobs for special needs adults. In fact the entire puzzle piece idea originated with this concept at its core. We employ special needs adults to do all of our packaging and are committed to the principle that they earn at least a minimum wage. Besides the pride of earning, the adults involved in packaging our puzzle pieces and that it’s both fun and a good challenge to get the pieces packed in the right configuration.

As we learn more and more about what it takes to make a successful workshop function, we’re simultaneously collecting contacts and developing strategies for extending the concept of self-contained workshops to other groups of unemployed special needs individuals—including those with autism and related behavioral designations.

A portion of the profits for this product go directly to figuring out how to fund Independent Labor Contract Houses for special needs folks with higher cognitive abilities (ages sixteen to thirty). These individuals would not do packaging but rather art, design, computers, math, and other highly skilled jobs. The idea is to not only extend but widen the pathway to independent living.

Everybody wants an opportunity to contribute to others and make their own living. To that end, we fully support the efforts of Cornerstone for K.I.D.S (Kids with Invisible Disabilities) which is dedicated to creating new and innovative solutions for people from age three to thirty.

Thank you for your patronage,