Patty Pop Ons® to Unveil Blank Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces at Craft and Hobby Mega Show

Innovative Arts and Crafts / Home Decor Product Brings People Together

Anaheim, California – January 2, 2015 — Patty Pop Ons® Blank Puzzle Pieces (patent pending) will make their official debut at the Craft and Hobby Association (CHA) 2015 Conference and Trade Show, also known as the CHA Mega Show, from January 9-13. The show, to be held at the Anaheim Convention Center, is the largest craft trade marketplace in the world.

With their smooth white surfaces, the puzzle pieces are designed to be painted on, drawn on, or decorated with craft notions. They’ve been described as puzzle-shaped mini-canvases–which can be made into larger canvases when combined with their interlocking neighbors. Additional project ideas and instructional videos can be found at

Then, thanks to their durable loop fabric backing, the decorated pieces can be hung on any wall utilizing a hook and loop system or Command brand strips—no muss, no fuss; they can be displayed in a variety of configurations or, if preferred, singly. These blank puzzle pieces can be regarded, therefore, as both an arts and crafts product and a home décor item. To convey a sense of the possibilities, the company has even coined a new word: “multi-FUN-ctional.”

Just as puzzle pieces connect, the product is designed to connect people. In a group setting–such as a classroom, a birthday party, or a nonprofit workshop–participants of all ages can decorate their own puzzle pieces, which can then be joined together to create something new and exciting that’s more than the sum of its parts.

Patty Pop Ons® Blank Puzzle Pieces are the brainchild of Patty Pratt: engineer, inventor, artist, sculptor, special needs advocate, and soon-to-be novelist. So what inspired the concept? Patty puts it simply: “Puzzles are part and parcel of our human DNA.” Then, with a knowing smile she adds, “And after all, isn’t life itself just one big puzzle?”


Patty Pratt

Pop Ons Display Table

Patty Pop Ons at Craft and Hobby Megashow 2015 in Anaheim California for our product debut

Patty Holding Pink Pop On

Fellow art vendor makes paper 3D flower for Patty Pop Ons puzzle piece at CHA Megashow2016

Patty standing in front of her booth

Patty Pop Ons returns to Craft and Hobby Megashow 2016 in Anaheim California for second show.

Patty with white and blue Pop Ons

NAMTA (National Art Materials Trade Association Show 2015 in Denver Colorado.